Thursday, September 11, 2014

Saturday Must Do

I was all ready to sign up for this walk with Marie, had I not been reminded that it cuts way too close to Betsy's opening this Saturday in Greenpoint Brooklyn. I share this with you because I think everyone should go to both, or if half of you pick one and half the other because they do cut awfully close and are 31 miles apart by major highway which in NYC could be 45 minutes or could well be 2 hours.

Marie's foraging adventure is, I think, just the right way to think of it. You've probably not been to Staten Island and probably aren't sure what to think, although the news and SNL have probably carved a certain perception. In fact, even I haven't been to the southern reaches, having only staked out the central locations of the Greenbelt, high up, on the moraine. You never know what you might find. From Marie's blog:

This is an adventure. The urban kind. Plus lots of nature. In the biggest city in the US of A.
Seriously, where can you combine the big city, a sea voyage, a perfect view of the Statue of Liberty, a woodland walk, a grassland ramble and a shoreline visit in one day?

Now, if art openings are more your style, consider heading up to Greenpoint, where you will find Betsy's latest art at No Globe Exhibitions. She's been working with ceramic castings of lace and I think you'll love the compression of delicacy and strength into a single sculpture. There will be art, lots of interesting people, autumn weather, and plenty of beer. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Thank you, Frank - this one is canceled, though. hope to reschedule for October.


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