Friday, November 21, 2014

The Cold Room

The time has come for my father-in-law, Leroy "Rex" Alwin. By design he stationed himself on the other side of this door, in line with his new steps, the very steps he passed over, unaware, one last time, in the cold and dark of this early morning. 

The silence, now, of a house without oxygen pumping, lungs coughing, only the dull tock of compartmented clocks and whoosh of mechanical air. The wind in the cold room appeared to express all that was worth expression in this moment.


  1. Very sorry for your loss. No matter our age, the loss of a parent is felt hard. It sounds like he was having a difficult time, so perhaps rest is good for him - if difficult for you. It will get easier with time.

    1. Thank you. My writing seems melodramatic, maybe, but it was tough to see him carrie off at 3 in the morning. I feel like the cold room picture best captures the feeling.


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