Sunday, February 15, 2015


Or not? That is today's question.

Does anybody care whether or not this blog maintains a URL which matches its masthead? If I should change it, I will lose all the traffic google, links, and other good-hearted bloggers have sent to me over the years. Most newcomers find their way here via search hits on older posts. Keeping that in mind, things have changed considerably and this blog no longer reflects my gardening or other activities in NYC and further, the masthead might confuse people who think they have gone to NYCGARDEN and what they see is MOUND. Hmm. What to do, what to do.

What are the chances folks who come to NYCGARDEN, and see my final post (which links to a new URL), would actually click through to see where it goes? How about a poll: over there, on the upper right at nycgarden.


Change is the constant. Fifteen years in NYC was unusual. I'm a transplanted person, in NYC four separate times, in Oregon, Maine, the Hudson Valley, and New Mexico. We really cannot say how long we will stay in Minnesota. What it comes down to is work, where is it, who will have us? Today I dropped my wife at the airport. She has decided to commute to NYC after no adjunct positions opened up for her here and one of her previous employers got themselves into a little teacher shortage during the first week of the semester. Flying every week will eat up most of the paycheck, but at least there won't be a blank spot on the resume, and I am here, after all, to look after the house.

What we know is that we'll be here until, at the least, June, maybe longer. Both of us are applying for academic positions in other states. That is the reality as things are very uncertain. In the meantime, I will continue to journal my experiences here, for myself, and hopefully for you. And if you have a second, take the poll (on the upper right at nycgarden).

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