Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tread Of Time

The night is dark but for the power company's safety lamp. It is dangerously cold near, below, or well below zero. The wind blows, not a howling, but a deep woooh through the trees. The whimpering of the iron porch rocker transcends walls, its complaint in every room. If you stare into the night, nose chilled by the cold relay of a double-paned window, you will see little, if anything, but the sodium lamp's sickly orange-yellow glow cast onto the woods and snow. Turn out the lights and sleep. Only daylight brings the ghostly imprint of Disney's dark dispatch, the tread of time debossed into crystalline water, our drive the Grauman's of faunal drama.

Our porch steps a barrier -for now.


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  1. Would you identify the fauna prints for us? Fascinated, as always, by your posts, Leslie in Oregon

    1. Leslie, I'm not quite an expert in paw and hoof print reading. I can say we have turkey in the triad print, deer in the hoofed double print, coyote in the round print that goes up to the porch, then of course we have squirrel, possibly mink, and some other larger rodents. Hope you are following me at prairiewood.blogspot.com as I am not posting to NYCGarden any longer since I've moved away from the city.


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