Saturday, March 7, 2015

22 To 50

A 22 degree halo on what was a very nice day, springtime really. This past Thursday we climbed out from a low of -11 degrees F. By next Thursday we will have had a string of sunny days 40, 50, and maybe even 60 degrees F. But hey, let's not get indulgent, I'll take the sunny, 40 degree day.

While I doubt the white ground cover will permanently take its leave (we did just get 5 inches last Tuesday), a good guess is that it will be gone by Monday evening. What I like best is the brilliance of snow covered ground, 45 degrees, little wind, and sun. In fact, that's what I'd like for my birthday.


  1. Hi, FYI, when I try to follow your blog under your new name, "MOUND", and I enter my email address where required and hit "submit", I get a message that says, "This feed does not have email delivery enabled." What should I do now? I hate missing your posts. Angela Muller

    1. I will look into it this morning Cleo and thanks for reading!

    2. Cleo, the feedburner link was bad. It is updated now and should work!


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