Friday, April 10, 2015

Thy Thap Can Overfloweth

I neglected my sap cans after boiling down the first batch. Freezing at night and in the forties by day, the temperatures became perfect for sap flow after the warm spell had ended. I took the earlier flows to be the norm, but how wrong I was. Every can was overflowing, even the tree that could hardly produce a third of a can at last collection. 

There's no telling how much sap flowed over. The wooden spiles are leaky, but not this leaky. The snug-fitting lids were swollen, releasing a spritz of sap when relieved. All four cans tipped for an easy two hundred fifty six ounces boiled down the same day to a sticky eight. I'm kind of hoping the flow slows down as we will be away for a spell and unable to collect.

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