Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The lilac in the back has been blooming for a few weeks now, for about as long as we've been busy getting the estate sale ready. Now that is done, the weather was perfect and we sold quite a few of Rex's old things. The dealers and collectors, they came early or last, buying up Americana for upselling or decorating their homes with wood, fabric and cast iron. Our place, hidden from the road as it is, wasn't great for pulling in customers, although those brave enough to turn in were treated to woods normally seen from without and at a distance.


  1. Beautiful photographs. Now and in October is when I most like to visit our Minnesota relatives. Lilacs here finished blooming about two weeks ago, and I already miss their fragrance, along with that of Daphne Odora, which blooms here just before the lilacs. The sunlight comes through our nearby forest in the same dappling way as in your forest. Hope the estate sale wasn't too hard, Leslie in Oregon

    1. It was a lot of work, but necessary in the move toward lightening the load of things.


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