Saturday, April 14, 2018

Three Day April Blizzards Bring May...

What can I say about the three day blizzard that has been occupying our senses for 36 hours now? Not much, other than it is April 14th today. The robins have arrived twice, sandhill cranes arriving for weeks, other birds looking for nesting sites, squirrels stripping the buds off treetops, silver maples have flowered weeks ago. Up at Cedar Creek, I even heard a few chirps of the spring frogs four days ago, despite the snow that still resides there.

My garlic, always up by now, here or in New York, is buried under frozen -really, solidly frozen soil. This was Friday morning, just before the coming snow.

The Home Depot has littered the store with racks of perennials and annuals in every aisle.

As of 2pm, the blizzard rages on.

As of 4pm, the blizzard rages on.

As of 6pm, on and on.

 At six thirty, the greenhouse, should have thousands of native sedges and forbs seeded in trays.

Six thirty, the backyard and studio. There's is a lot of blowing snow, but we've hit about 10 inches with 18 more hours to go. The temperature hasn't made it over 25° F today, and is descending to about 18° F by Monday morning. People might say, hey -its Minnesota, but this is unusual, even for here.

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