Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New York City Garden Center and Plant Nursery Map

This map of nurseries is not an endorsement of any particular business, but a resource for anyone looking for a nursery in the NYC area. Undoubtedly, I missed a few that are out there. Use the comment option if you have a favorite I missed. I chose to not include any florists or hardware stores that also sell bedding plants. There are many more of those in NYC.

I included some nurseries that are in NJ, Yonkers, and Long Island despite their outlying status. Those are marked with the empty marker.

Some regions are woefully without local nurseries, although many of these areas are probably served by hardware stores, florists, and some big box stores. Specifically Queens, which has more planting space than any borough, but also is in closer proximity to all the suburban nurseries.

Zoom in, click on green icons for more information.

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  1. Help! Can anyone help me? My son was growing a sunflower from a seed at school. He brought it home and I just snapped the head off (yes, awful mother) whilst readjusting the tie that kept it held upright. Where in NYC could I find a sunflower seedling, already growing, about 10 inches tall? Thanks to anyone who can direct me ... (P.S. I know this could be a life lesson, but I don't think he needs it just now, and nor do I!!)

  2. Unfortunately, growing sunflowers wouln't ordinarily be on nursery shelves for some time, maybe late May. Maybe the sunflower will keep growing, but I suspect its one of those single stem monsters and probably won't.

    I would check Liberty Sunset or Chelsea Garden Center, call them to find out when or maybe they can do you a favor and get one in. Or start another from seed, they grow pretty fast.

    Good luck!

  3. hello! where can i buy cherry blossom seedlings (with pink flowers)? how about apple seedlings?

  4. Seedlings??

    What size seedlings?

  5. hi, I'm looking to buy a lilac bush in nyc and get it delivered to my house in manhattan. Can you help me=

  6. Adriana,

    Any nursery that carries shrubs should carry Lilac, especially now, right before they flower.

    I'd call Chelsea Garden Center first. They have a location in midtown Manhattan. You can find them on the map.

  7. Adriana,

    Chelsea Garden Center
    Last Updated by frank m on Apr 2, 2008
    580 11th Ave
    New York, NY 10036
    (212) 727-3434

  8. Keil Bros Garden Center & Nursery
    21011 48th Avenue
    Oakland Gardens, NY 11364
    718 229 5042

    and also

    Garden World
    Francis Lewis Blvd. & 46th Ave
    Flushing, NY 11358
    718 224 6789

    Verdino & Sons Garden Center
    109-09 Rockaway Blvd
    Ozone Park, NY 11420

  9. You could also try:

    Urban Garden Center
    1640 Park Avenue @ 116th St.
    New York, NY

  10. You could also try:
    Wayside Garden Center Inc
    124 Pittsford Palmyra Road
    Macedon, NY 14502
    585) 223-1222


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