Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Few Words

Saturday I planted the broccoli into their planter. I had extra, so I put some in a couple of perennial pots. I also planted the asian mix, the arugula, and the mesclun mix seeds in all the extra planters I had available. I put 2 inch mesh on top of every planter to keep squirrels from digging. The tomatoes are in the cold-frame, toughening up, getting fuzzy, purplish stems. 

So all the early season, cool weather veggies are in the ground.

On another note, I finally saw the News12 Brooklyn story about the man who got tazered outside my window.  They have a video where me and my neighbor are interviewed, but you might need some plugin to watch it.  I found out from my upstairs neighbor that he was apparently from the methadone clinic down the block that is advertised as a medical office. On the video you can see the man in front of my building and pacing, but surrounded by cops. Then they tazer him. They're not using the word tazer anymore, its like Kleenex for tissues. They're calling it a conducted energy device. Thats a mouth-full. Anyhow, News 12 used some of my posted photos in their story, for whatever its worth.


  1. Seems one needs to be a cable tv subscriber, alas, I am not. No tv...

  2. Yeah, me neither. I watched at my mother's place as they have cablevision internet.


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