Friday, March 13, 2009

I Really Should Be Working

broccoli, tomatoes, basil

When did any day become solely about mundane gardening and posting?

Today I took out the watering can. That's it then, the official beginning. A new neighbor who saw me about asked if I was planning the garden. Planning?, I questioned smugly, I've already started. Peas right there, they survived the freeze last night and a ground assault by squirrels! Oh, who do I think I am?

I planted new pea seeds into the planters today since I learned they can be grown on top of one another. Also, squirrels! So on goes the mesh.

I planted spinach seeds in the spinach planter where some spinach has over-wintered.

The broccoli that I over-wintered is starting to get stout-stemmed.

And should I want to destroy something this year, it'd be this Yew tree that puts shade on the vegetable garden. The veggies need more sun, particularly in March and September. I secretly hoped the snow would weigh this guy down to his demise.

Compromise? Landlord, please take those dead trees we call telephone poles out of the front yard and I can put the veggies there, grow enough for the neighbors to share. Then the Yew will be a welcome shade giver to an area re-designated for perennials!

Sorry, webiworld, crocus on the march!


  1. I guess even urban gardeners aren't immune to the unwelcome shade trees. But you do get a few breaks -- I went outside this morning to see that deer had chomped away at all my sprouting bulbs :-(

    Looks like your veggies are well underway! I enjoyed your flower show pics, too.

  2. This is inspiration for me. I'm going to sow my spinach and other veggie seeds right now. I've been procrastinating, even though food growing is my top-most interest right now.
    Thanks for the nudge.

  3. Couldn't er, an accident befall the leaning tree? Someone might climb it for instance, just some crazy tree person, and sit at the end leaning over the sidewalk until it...collapsed?


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