Monday, March 30, 2009

My Soil Test

Today I sent in my garden soil to be tested at the Environmental Sciences Analytical Center at Brooklyn College.

I am sending in two samples. Sample A is from the side garden and is a mix of 6 different locations within the same area, dug about 10 inches down. Sample B is from the vegetable planters. The bags are Ziploc -great advertising strategy. I sealed them up, typed a sheet with the tests I want done, and put it into the box for mailing.

You can get these boxes (and envelopes) for free from the post office. Don't forget to type up a sheet with the tests you want completed and a check. Tests I'm getting done: Standard Nutrient and Toxic Metals Analysis, Soluble Salts, Organic Matter Content, and for the side garden only -Soil Texture Analysis. This last test I could do well on my own with a jar of water and soil added, but I thought I should try out all the tests ESAC offers.

If you want your soil tested, click on the link SOIL TESTING SERVICE at right.


  1. That's really good, I think I should do the same, because as far as I know, my house was part of a chemistry industry long long time ago and I am worried the soil might be contaminated still. Maybe that's why I can't grow any vegetables on it...
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