Monday, March 30, 2009

Whats Up in the Garden

The daffodils (aka narcissus, jonquils, etc.) I planted when I first began the front garden. I've not tended to the daffs well, often I've accidently chopped them up when moving perennials. There was a moment when I schooled myself in all the different "divisions" of daffodils. But alas, I don't even remember what kind I have any more. On the left I feel pretty confident is a Double or Division 4, with pale apricot center and white outer petals. On the right, the pendant and fuschia-like form makes me think its a Division 5, Triandus.

The greens are coming up. I can thank the rain for helping out. I think plants prefer rain.

As for the broccoli, its coming along. The planter is nothing to look at, but I generally don't grow food with aesthetics in mind. You don't see them here, but the peas are doing okay as well, although they haven't grown as fast as the did in the warmth of the house. I wonder about inoculation, whether the seeds were innoculated, whether its a commercial scheme to get us to worry into buying more product, or whether there really is enough of the right organisms in my compost to fix the nitrogen for the peas. Either way I'm going with last night's brief thunderstorm as helping out in the matter.


  1. Divisions of Daffodils. Jeepers.

    Spinach is up. Arugula looking peaky.

  2. I am growing mesclun for the first time and was pretty excited to see some little seedlings yesterdays. Excited enough to immediately call my husband.

    I foolishly left some of my tomato plants out Sunday night thinking "hell they can handle a little wind." Unfortunately, it was not a little wind. But thankfully most of them are fine.

    I wanted to plant daffodils to show my husband one of the cats reactions to it. I have never seen a cat run so fast. Plus they are very pretty and all. Maybe I should put some near the crib...when we actually buy it.

  3. Marie,

    Jeepers is right, in the end I don't care much about what they're called, but I like certain ones and not others. Spinach! My over wintered Spinach is looking ready to eat, the seedlings just stepping out. Arugula peaky? Didn't you just thin?


    I've been keeping my toms outside at night too as its been over 35 (but in the cold-frame with a soda bottle of water as a heat reservoir). Out of the wind, but they can handle "a little wind"!

    You daffodils are pre-flowered from the store? I plant daffs in the fall. The potted ones will be hit and miss in terms of coming back yearly. Wildlife don't bother daffs so I guess that goes for cats too!

  4. I planted some in pots a few years ago in my old plant killing apartment and they actually grew faster and easier than anything elso I had. And man did the cats hate them. I figured that they would not grow back the next season unless they were in a really large tub or something outdoors and since I live on a fourth floor with windowboxes and a fire escape (I live in the back of the building so the fire department won't know and the super does not care), so large tub is not an option.

    But this whole thing is totally making me think about the great idea of at least having the scent all over the (eventually to be purchased) crib, because I know the twnety pounder Tigger will be very much attracted to the new bed in the warmest room in the apartment.

  5. Sounds like you need a dog to guard the crib!


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