Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stroll up Prospect Park SW

This garden I liked. Some trees will be too big soon enough, but I liked the effect, loose mixture of lots of plants. There was more to the right, but the photo was no good.

Massive root and trunk.

Do these "gators" really do anything besides just look trashy? I'm not sure I've ever seen one filled with water. Without water, they're just bags stuck to a tree.

This combination of dead grass/weeds and fence really inspires me to garden.

When will this fad die back. It sprung up a several years ago after a long hiatus. Who invented this stuff -someone from Georgia or Oklahoma where the soil is as red as this mulch?


  1. Thank you. I do not understand the gators.

    I sat next to guy on a plane to Cape Town who was chief of security for a bunch of WWF wrestlers also headed that way (jammed with me into economy)...he proudly anounced that he had just had his NJ mansion "landscaped". The crowning proof thereof?

    "I have red mulch!"

  2. Hate it, hate it, hate it. But then, when I was a kid- my dad put white stones around our trees. Each tree had a white stone skirt.

    I think Gator has just had successful marketing to institutions. Institutions get money, want to spend it on something before next cycle. How bout those gators! Trees won't die cause we ne'er did water em!


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