Sunday, April 19, 2009

Supporting My Corner Nursery

I went over to J & L today to let them know how root-bound that weeping cherry was that we bought there on Saturday. The owner was there and we got to chatting about business, local nurseries and growers. In a lot of ways, to a guy who's been around the Brooklyn landscaping block, it comes down to the numbers. Business is slow. Its a good time to get city contracts, private 10K type jobs are little to none. Nursery business is swift, people buying lots of little things. I have noticed a pickup of customers at J & L and I can attest that this weekend was quite busy at Gowanus too.  J & L sells quart-sized perennials for 3 and 4 dollars, gallons for $8+.

I worry that he's getting older and hard times might move him toward retirement. I really like living a half-block from my garden needs. So I'm going to give them all the business I can afford. Including bags of compost to fill these tubs I got from the boxwood shrubs I planted the other day.

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