Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekly Vegetable Update

Broccoli 'Calabrese' looking good, hoping it doesn't get too warm too fast. The two largest are the over-wintered ones.

'Sugar Ann' snap peas putting out flowers now. I have to keep myself from just eating the vine!

The asian greens mix and Italian arugula have true leaves now, I've tasted them all.

Oh the tomatoes. I fish fertilized again today and do hope the burning you see isn't from the feeding. All but the 'Black Russian' tomato are overcoming the previous burn. I'm still holding out for it though. Basil 'Genovese' in there too. J & L around the corner is already selling 18 inch bush tomatoes, complete with flowers.

I must remember, because I certainly forgot, to seed the 'Salad Bush' cucumbers and cilantro 'slow-bolt (yeah, right)'.


  1. Oh wow...your broccoli leaves look delicious. I feel like a woodchuck. And the sweet peas? Hm hm hm.

    The squirrel stomped my arugula and so I planted sprouting garlic in its tub. Now I have lots of garlic spears and pas de squirrel.

    Hm: roast squirrel....?

  2. I suffer the aesthetic indignities of mesh so to fend off our furry jumping rodent friends. I like squirrels, I do. I love when they chase each other, its like a cartoon comic routine.

    I will eat those leaves if I see seed heads coming on. I grew broccoli once before in winter, in NM. Delicious, best ever. I will replant again in Aug.

    MMMM, garlic goes with everything.

  3. Well if you really want to make some squirrel...


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