Friday, May 8, 2009

Guests Are Coming Over

Believe it or not, on Sunday, smack in the middle of my plant giveaway, I will be getting a visit from the NY Times art dept.

Like I said, believe it or not. 

They'll be photographing me and the garden for a story that I think is on soil-testing. Do not know when the story will come out either.

So today I began the cleanup because my parents taught us kids that we must clean house for guests. I pulled the garbage, swept the age-old detritus from the edge of the fencing, tied up some over-reaching perennials. After all, The Times is coming over, an institution is visiting my yard!

While I was out there I met a gardening neighbor. She was very nice and I told her that I learned from her how to keep the asters under control. She came back with a bouquet of convallaria majalis, Lily of the Valley. Sweet.

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