Sunday, May 10, 2009

Probably Too Late but...

Okay, after a busy Sunday morning hosting plant trades and being posed for gardener-type photos, my wife and I headed out for something we never do. Brunch. We walked down to Cortelyou via Ditmas Park. To make a long story short: we went to the farmer's market and there was a man selling ramps. After brunch we went back and the man offered me three standard bunches, the kind that would sell for $4 each, for $5! That's right, 3 bunches for $5. He had at least two crate full and they weren't selling.

If your a ramp fanatic, try them next sunday after noon. Maybe he'll still have them, see if he's offering the same deal.

Prices tend to be cheaper for most items at the Cortelyou farmer's market. My neighbor says because it's Sunday the farmers don't want to go home with anything. I think that may be right. I used to think it was because it's a smaller market, but then the Court St. farmer's market has higher prices, and they're about the same size. Well, whatever it is, the prices are better and the ramps -you just might get a deal.

Some photos below from my short walk.

I like this garden. It's bigger than I can show here.

Serpentine, edged lawn between two houses.

Another garden I like, but it's at its best in late May onward; wild with perennials.

Now here's what I call front yard urban farming -taking on the form of farm!

Rows of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant.


  1. I recognize the picket fence garden as one of my neighbors', and one of my favorites.

  2. Hmmm, space for farms. Wow.

    Once I figure out the subway, I think I might investigate those ramps. Pickled ramps...always wanted to do that. Thanks for the heads up.

    When's the NYTimes thingie going to be published?

  3. Xris,

    I think I passed your place, brick house?


    That was a serious front yard farm, two sides of the house, fence to house rows.

    If you figure out the B/Q, or F to equivalent but farther walk, Cortelyou amidst all the turn of that last century homes. And a restaurant with a supposedly S.A. expression "Farm on Adderly"

    Times? What Times? That was all just a joke.
    No, now just kidding. The phoootographer didn't know. I suppose they'll let me in on it.


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