Friday, June 19, 2009

Brooklyn Veg Out

I pulled the Asian Greens Mix, most went to flower. I need the planter for a tomato.

But, quite surprisingly, the Renee's Garden Baby Mesclun Lettuce is still producing leaves. I will cut some today and enjoy a salad (I do not do this very often!)

The broccoli 'Calabrese' in the side veg garden has not bolted, like it had in the front yard. The leaves are a little wilty from the sun, but otherwise extremely healthy. No aphids, no worms, nada.

A floret is forming. The stems are long and I think I will eat them too as they are quite tender.
I think the cool and wet weather has staved off early bolt on these. The side garden gets morning to noon sun, unlike the front yard which is morning to late afternoon sun. Its much cooler.

I don't remember if I posted a photo of the egg sac on the tomato support, but these little mantids are jumping all over the place. They do jump, quite springy! Its on the rusty tip of my long-handle trowel. I should take better care...

I begun moving planters around for the fabric that I will lay underneath them. Lots and lots of fatty earthworms. I've seen this always, but decided to post it. The activity of the creatures under the planters seems to create these little soil balls. It looks like fecal matter, but I don't think it is. I think its from movement and what else? Any body?


  1. i'm pulling out all my lettuce this summer and replacing with marigolds or something. The lettuce has aphids and I am determined to not let them spread to the strawberries. I already had the nightmare of discovering this year that chamomile is so-called aphid ambrosia. I have never had such a problem with aphids ever! Caught some crawling away from the lemon balm past the thyme onto one of my strawberry plants in the baby's windowbox.

  2. Yes! The castings are from inside the woim. Good for soil.

    Broccoli leaves look delicious.

  3. WOIM you say? Thats a bigga pila meatballs! Well, I got good worm despite my heavy metals.


    Its been an APHID-DLE-DIDDLE kind of year. I've had lots in my sunny front yard, less to none in my morning sun side yard. Why is that? Definitely high quantity compared to last year, but only in the front. Spray off with hose, squish em, soap em, get lady bug larva! Its fun to watch them eat aphid. I think trap plants are good, meaning ones that attract the aphids to them, and hopefully stay with those.


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