Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blue-Green Mystery Solved

Thanks be to the Internet. Well, the notion I was harboring all along...that this coloration was fungal, is true. Chlorociboria aeruginascens or C. aeruginosa.  Bless those who study fungus and organic chemistry. My phthalocyanine (blue-green pigment) was not so wrong-in fact led me in the right direction. Napthalocyanine is a derivative of the former and somehow the pigment of these fungi are connected to napthaquinone. Both naptha and now I am thoroughly out of my league. Apparently Green Stain oak is a commodity and is used for green colored wood projects. Check out the links to see:

Fungal Link A
Fungal Link B

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  1. Very cool! Thanks for the edification. Oh, and now I'm craving mushrooms....


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