Monday, June 22, 2009

In Memorium

How many things do you actually miss from time to time? I do miss my truck. I had it for almost 10 years. My Ford 1977 F250 Camper Special was mostly parked at my mom's place and not getting much use. I sold it in 2004 because, believe it or not, I had another pick-up truck -an 87 Toyota. It seemed outlandish to have two trucks and I needed to buy my first computer, the one I type on today. I felt more attached to the Ford, but it got 10 miles a gallon, hauling or not. This truck was a workhorse. Loaded with stuff, pulling my Toyota also loaded with stuff, I drove it back to NY from New Mexico. No problem. This truck has seen both coasts and everything in between when gas could be bought for 85 cents a gallon. I loved this truck, but I was changing, needs were different and the Toyota was efficient and small.

I sold the Toyota three years ago at 270,000 miles. It lives in Maine and I hear its still running. I sold the Ford to a musician who was moving to Vermont and wanted to look the part. I thought of it as truck retirement. I wonder where it is now?


  1. Cool test.
    I missed this post. This is such a good truck. It's very Red Hook.

  2. It is a good truck. I had put about 100k on it in 9 years. It hauled compost loaded to its roofline.I learned how to fix cars on this truck. I flew at 100 mph on secondary roads in the panhandle of Texas, windows and rear slider open on an august afternoon in this truck. And many more...

    Some had said I should have never let it go...
    But it was time.


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