Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bottled Up

If this were the first time, I'd be biting my tongue. But its not. In fact, just two weeks ago someone had deposited two bags of bottles and a 12-pack box of beer bottles in the vegetable garden. Why?

These are all recyclables. There are recycling containers in front of every building. Weekly, maybe even daily, there are folks who come by to take these returnables to the redemption center as a way of earning cash (I appreciate these folks), so why not leave these out on the sidewalk for them.

I know, drunk people doing drunken things. But doesn't it seem like more work to deposit bags and boxes behind a fence than to just drop em where you are? Why hide them? Are the owners planning on coming back to pick them up at some future date?

I put these out on the sidewalk and went inside. Shortly after a guy on a bike with trash bags attached to handles swooped in and picked the bottles up. Its that simple when bottles equal money.

Which leads me to supporting the new bottle bill that includes water, juice, and anything else in a bottle. Let's do it.


  1. I would suspect teenagers drinking beer and trying to hide the evidence from their parents while drunk. There's no telling.

  2. i swear i get more trash in my very public garden just after a guerilla weeding session & clean-up, than before, when the garden looks untended.

    someone around here like cheetos.


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