Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ripe N Blight

Tis late August. The full size tomatoes are ripening now. This photo is actually the second harvest. Last week's went to my friendly cat feeder-tomato waterer. The plums are 'Milano', the slicer is 'Bella Rosa' and all are just this side of ripe. The center 'Sungold' cherries have been unloading shirt-basket-full numbers for a month now.

But along with the harvest is the typical late August blight. Yellow dots and shriveling leaves announce its arrival. The hardiest of tomato plants will produce right through it. Last years cherries and Brandywines did. This year the Milanos are most blighted, followed by the Sungold, then the Bella Rosa, the late riser Orange Pixie and finally the Black Russian. All now have the leaf blight in various stages of succumb. Its okay, my 'food security' barely depends on them.

I have been harvesting steady supplies of green beans. About 1 pound every 6 days or so, plus those I snack on while out in the garden. These above were last nights pickings stirred up with some boiled red potatoes, red onions, and a splash of vinegar.


  1. Looks wonderful. My little tomato blighted, too.

  2. Nice veggies!

    BTW, I saw this, and laughed when I realized I knew what park they were talking about:


  3. Thanks. Part two coming soon...
    Also, tomato blight also on its way...


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