Monday, August 31, 2009

The Secret Of My Success

My brother and I recently went on a canoe trip down the Nissequogue River. My mom wanted to see the pictures, so she got on her computer and checked out the blog. When I called her, she told me that my blog was interesting and that I am a good writer because I was able to make a boring subject interesting to her. Of course, she's probably just saying that because I am her son.

In other news...

  • I discovered via site-referrer analytics that this blog was mentioned as a resource at the wee-bottom of an Aug. 13-19th article on detoxing the home in NYC TIMEOUT. See it here.
  • I discovered through the same channel that I am listed on MUG. See it here.
  • My brother recently emailed me that my blog is 5.5 millionth in some website ranking analysis. He lamented his business web-sites are both 6 millionth and 9 millionth. I do not know what this means.
  • Someone commented on a recent nycgarden post -leaving me this:
  • But I do not know what it means either.

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