Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blight Me

The tomatoes' late blight charging forward on all the varieties. To be honest, I cannot remember ever planting tomatoes where there was absolutely no August-September leaf blight.

The Milano Plums have been the hardest hit and should succumb soon. These were determinates. I've harvested about 20 from two plants with maybe another 15 to go.

Above and below, Bella Rosa tomatoes. The blight is starting to hit these hard now. I've harvested three of these tomatoes this season.

These slow-to-ripen tomatoes are good slicers and tart.

The next pick, number four.

Sun Gold cherries, waning now due to blight and less sun. Sweet and thick skinned.

A closeup of the Sun Gold leaves and symptoms.

Even the upright citizen, Orange Pixie is starting to see some blight. But, it has its first ripening tomato and several others should come my way before its demise.

Bella Rosa is still putting on new growth and occasional flowers.

Ahh, the green beans. These bush beans keep producing, although less now than the first flush.

I'm thinking about not planting a vegetable garden next year for a variety of reasons. Or maybe just a snack producer, like a cherry in one pot.


  1. Maybe you should plant a lawn :-)

  2. I would love a lawn. Take my shoes off, nestle my toes into the blades of grass. Nothing better than the smell of fresh cut grass. It would be a lesser world without a small stretch of lawn.

    Give Me Lawn or Give Me Death!

  3. Yeah, lawn rage is over-rated.

  4. Isn't it written into the constitution? The right to mow lawns?

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