Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Charlotte, Do You Feel Alright?

Winter is near. No doubt the last days for my garden orb weaver. Assuming her eggs have been laid, I look forward to saying hello to waving baby spiders leaving on the warm updraft next spring. It wasn't until this spider showed up this November that I began remembering how powerful the story Charlotte's Web was to me as a child.


  1. I have two Charlotte's, and they weave their webs in the same place every night. Actually...I haven't seen them recently.

    That is an amazing photograph - did you crop in on it, and which camera?

  2. There's (or was) a charlotte or two in everyone's life:)

    Photo, cropped about 40% off original (2:3 original, this about square). Manual Focus, at about 1 or 2 inches (can't always trust the macro to focus), camera- trusty old Canon A80 (obsolete 4 megapixel with 1.25 inch LCD).

    Funny story: I was picturing this yesterday and this guy (neighborhood old fart) comes up behind me to say "wat you takin pictures of, the tree?" There's a spider there, I'm taking pictures of the spider because its cold and I'm surprised it's there. " Ha Ha Hahahaaa. I'll see ya."
    Okay, not that funny.


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