Thursday, December 10, 2009

We're Too Big To Fail

Weather Underground's blogger Dr. Jeff Masters has been reporting on climate change for years. Here he defends climate change science. Do I seriously doubt that most of you fear that climate change is not real, or that our industrial-scale burning, our love affair with fire, the "eternal flame" is not at least partly the cause of it? Yes, I do. Seriously. Look, none of this will matter when the shit hits the tornado, but at what point does it begin to feel like Ms. P. is overplaying her hand. What interest do she serve other than her love affair with her populist self? Read her Washington Post  OP-ED here. Sarah confuses affecting the climate with affecting the weather. Or at least she feels other people do, so she can use these terms interchangeably.  Maybe I've found my Reagan in her, too young to have been utterly perturbed by that similarly single-minded simpleness that aims to manipulate.

Oh, who cares, right -we'll be dead by then and what's the difference anyhow, cause we'll have moved inland, and besides the people we care about will have the resources to secure a safe and sound future, and who needed those species anyway, what were they good for, and too I could say the same for those people in that country, far away, not so sure where it is, but its flat and it already floods, which makes me think that they should be used to it by now or have built taller houses, and it's their fault for living there anyway, serves them right, yeah that's right -you just got served. Go Team! Besides, if it's true what they say about the warm water shutting off and it getting real cold real fast, we'll be ready, we're from Alaska, and like we say in Alaska, we're from Alaska. But really, though, if it gets warmer, we're up for that too, because then our homes will sell for more because my home state will become real popular with those moving north for the good climate. So climates change, we've dealt with change over a million years and this is no different, so why should I want to stop burning coal and gas and oil. Its God's gift to us, just fulfilling his plan and what if it's God's plan to do ourselves in by way of too much burning of the stuff that he gave us. Its God's will, then, so I accept it and know that in so doing I and everyone I care about will end up in heaven.

If you asked Elvis' glittery jumpsuit what it thought of Elvis, it'd probably say that man there is just fine.

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