Saturday, December 5, 2009

Much To Do, How About Nothing

It's one of those days, I should be doing all sorts of things... but, instead...

Today, rain tapping on the sill, I'm updating my website in an effort to be more integrationist, not so compartmentalist. Thermos at my side, feet a little cold, I am setting up my art website to include images of some art projects I have made over the last ten years that are not strictly painting. I've made a few with plants (and haven't made many others) that I will place under the plants/projects link on my website. I've also decided, at least for the time being, to integrate nycgarden with my art projects in a limited fashion by linking to it on that same page.

It will be interesting to see what thoughts, if any, the online gardening community has about these projects. The other day I received an email from an artist who landed on nycgarden, who then found my art site. I went on to read through her blog, Bowsprite, which is a fantastic journey through NY harbor with a lot of boat/ship info, hand-drawn maps, watercolors and drawings of boats. The blog becomes an integrated site of words and images, interests and creativity.


  1. Hello, Frank! you are now linked on my site, and with your permission later this week, I would love to post on your beautiful paintings. Many thanks, echat very soon! christina

  2. Hello, I wandered over here from Marie's site. And then linked quickly over to your new Paintings site. VERY nice. I will come back to see more. Thanks for the tour!


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