Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Til Den, Love, Til Den...

I went to Fort Tilden to take some measurements for a proposal I am putting together for a project that shifts slightly every time I visit, think, or resolve myself to finalizing. This past Sunday was such a lovely day, perfect for the beach, no wind, temps in the 50s, beautiful.

In the lawn.

The weedy jamble of dried browns. Tis a good season for the weeds.

Like bittersweet, probably oriental. See ESPs post at Garden Bytes.

Can't get enough of that late autumn sun and grass infructescence.

The glowing berries of the Northern Bayberry (thanks Marie!).

To the beach!


Beach glass, always picked up, sometimes collected -I recall a beach north of S.F. with unheard of quantities of broken, sand washed glass in every color.

Jelly. This summer I went in and the water was filled with so many 'baby' jellyfish that I felt like I was swimming in an ocean of bubble tea.

There was a time when Long Island's bays were flush with oyster beds (consider the name Oyster Bay).

I think it's important for us to go to our NYC beaches. No, they are not as pristine as some beaches two, or three hours away. By visiting, touching the things that wash in, the sand and the water, we create a sense of ownership and concern to ensure that our garbage is no longer dumped just beyond the horizon, or that sewage overflow is not dumped raw into our harbor, or that those upstream do not leak hazardous wastes into the Hudson.

Deep in thought spurred by the liminal, the lapping waves of water over land, then -a bride and groom.

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  1. Hello, NYC Garden! your beach photos made me yearn to walk along the shore again!

    Have you seen the mini-shore of Liberty State Park? this is what I found the last time I walked there:

    very beautiful paintings you have made. Thank you.


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