Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Prospects

Today I had some red and some black raspberries in the park. I was caught eating only once.

These roses (swamp rose, Rosa palustris?) are blooming as well.

The bees adore them.

These roses, molded from putty, are called...?

Again, they're called...and can we eat the fruit?

I found these high bush blueberries. Today I ate just one.

Every year I pass by this forsythia shrub, on a path south of the lake. Invariably, it has this yellow venation on the same branches each year.

Are all leaf variegations the result of endemic viruses that do not kill the host plant?


  1. How interesting. Are the 'putty' roses actually roses? Look at the leaves - like a berry's. Rosacaea definitely...soooooo interesting.

    Rubus frankus?

  2. How 'bout this?

    Rubus odoratus

    I didn't know there were berries n the park!

  3. Awesome! All these berries are growing in prospect park? Nice!

  4. Yes, yes, and yes.

    Berries in the park, are you kidding me? There's no berries in the park, not all over the place, not unpicked, juicy berries in the park!

    Right. In. Plain. Sight. Adventurers will be rewarded in about one week!

    Rubus odoratus, good hunting Marie -looks right. It looks like they were sculpted from putty, sculpy, or play do by talented hands -to me anyway.

    I should probably avoid calling them roses, though. I spose Rosacaea will do, but sounds like a skin condition;)


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