Sunday, June 27, 2010

Prospect Plants

When I noticed these all over Prospect Park this spring, I kept thinking "sambuca." Is that right? Google sambuca plant and lo and behold, Sambucus canadensis pops up. Seems right, no? Poisonous, except the berries.

Flowers sweet scented, this I can attest.

What is that floating yellow-flowered plant? Yellow water primrose?

This young tulip tree is under some stress, looks like autumn.

Porcelain Berry Vine, variegated or Ampelopsis glandulosa brevipedunculata 'Elegans'. Known to be aggressive in woodland and woodland edge settings in our area. See this post.

What might this small tree/large shrub be? It looks like privet to me, but large-leafed.

And the flowers more sweet smelling than stenchy.


  1. The flowers of elderberry aren't poisonous either. I've got 5 litres of elderflower champagne brewing right now!


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