Monday, July 5, 2010

And Again Tomorrow

My personal weather station (uh, thermometer outside) says it's 84.5 degrees F. When I look up zip code 11218 on the weather underground I get zip code 11215 -close enough and it reads 85.5 degrees F. Lately, the New York, NY station used by weather underground has been suggesting pleasant weather to Manhattanites. Tonight it's a pleasant 76.8 degrees F, dew point 33 degrees, humidity 20% -fabulous, a desert night. Yet they are forecasting 101 degrees for Manhattan this Tuesday with dew points in the high 60s (they'll feel that). As the dew point approaches the air temperature, one feels the moisture. If it rises along with the temperature, say into the high 60s -hello steam bath.

But I digress. Fix that erroneous weather station please. It's supposed to be hotter in Manhattan and no manner of powerful suggestion can overcome this heat. Tomorrow I water -again.

UPDATE: The New York, NY station has been changed to Hunter College. And it reads as it should, 88.2 degrees F this morning. My thermometer reads 93 degrees F at 9:10 am. The weather station is telling me 94.3 degrees -that's pretty hot for 9 am in Brooklyn. As the high pressure slides off the coast, the air flow will become more southerly, less hot, and more humid. I think that will feel worse than this hot and dry air mass. Yuck.

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