Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How Hot Is It?

Weather Underground has just listed the temperature at Hunter College (East Side, 60s) at 103.1 degrees F. Maybe we can squeeze another decimal point into that temperature before the heat begins to wane. I am at work. The lights went out, then the AC. I found Gus, facilities superman and he told that he was instructed to shut lights, AC. Wow, thanks for telling the workers, school officials. I then received a robocall from my studio landlord. It stated that the power would be off in my studio through Thursday. Heat-forced vacation I suppose. I just informed the chair that I would be leaving as no lights and AC feel pretty much like a de facto emergency closing.

I haven't seen this kind of steady heat wave since the 1990s, usually late July/August. I lived through many a 105 degree days during my time in southern New Mexico. There, we had no AC, but something called a swamp cooler, which blew air via a fan through a membrane soaked in water. It kind of worked. Mostly I just stayed in, watched a ton of 49 cent movies from the video store. That was then. In NYC, work must go on.

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  1. Yes, It has been in the high 90's and 100's in SC for the last month and a half. Be careful out there, good luck ! Gina heat indexes in 103.-106. range


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