Friday, July 16, 2010

Crispy Leaves And Beach Garden

Its hard to believe it mid July already, but I'm also filled with the sensation of autumn. Our streets are filled with crispy brown leaves. The air is quite humid and warm. I am reminded of late September or early October. If it were not for my rational sense of time, I would think that we had an autumn warm front overtake the area. The kind before that first cold front that really crisps the air. Or maybe the kind of air that we get as an October tropical system passes nearby. I get this sensation on cloudy days, with those crispy leaves blowing down the sidewalk -it has a unique sound which I cannot attempt to imitate with phonetics.

This morning we are off to the beach. The beach garden that is. Gardening on the beach, that's what it's all about. Despite the fact that we have some cherry tomatoes, unknown orange tomatoes, and three brandywines like the two above, basil and other herbs at home.

This is my haul from the nursery. Let's just say I got an exceptional deal. Broccoli, collard, cabbage, chard, hot peppers, sweet peppers, celery, two types of eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and an assortment of tomatoes I haven't grown since I was a kid -celebrity, beefsteak, supersteak. The nurseries are pretty close to throwing these little starts away. In my past experience, planting so late with these little starts often leads to stunted growth and little productivity. This year, having received the plot so late, I'm willing to take the chance because I got such a good deal and I want to try as much as possible. We also got a load of page organic seeds for next to...

I finally got one of my NE Wildflower Society purchases in the ground -thought the rain the best opportunity we'll have. This is the New England Blazing Star - a liatris, placed in the spot formerly occupied by coneflower. I hoping this can compete with the yarrow, sunflower, and mums.


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