Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fait Accompli

We woke up city farmer early -that's about 6:30 am for you civilization types. Hopped in the van and hit Ocean Pkwy -sun still behind trees.

We planted up the remaining starts. Crammed in as many as I thought worth losing to overcrowding. The rest we happily donated to a summer camp's plot (A12 -my 1st choice!) because I simply cannot toss unused starts. I scavenged this old and warped picket fence from a plot owner about to be evicted. We needed to frame the corner as many people enter the larger garden from this corner. The stakes are for the tomatoes that I delude myself into thinking will get tall -no one's tomatoes get tall here -I think it's the wind. Besides, it's friggin late July! Anyhow, those stakes I'm going to cut down for the sake of visuals alone, then rig up some sort of support system. On the other hand -tall tomato plants could be a goal for next year.

We went with a trench flood system for irrigation. Our work was hasty and I think the trenches show it -too deep in spots. That said, it works for this years short season.

Thar she blows. Neighboring plot is full of weeds and old, stunted brassicas -alluring to those white cabbage moths fluttering about. Thinking of getting some netting for the broccoli -the only plant I'm giving half a chance of producing the way it should.

A community garden is full of people, plants, and free advice. A teacher once asked me if I knew I was doing something the wrong way. Yep, I said. Okay, she said, as long as you know. The right way is preferred, but anywhichway usually yields an education.

By the way, I called that free woodchips guy and he (Evergreen) never returned my call. I'll try another one soon.


  1. Looking good! How do you do your irrigation system? I was just telling the hubby this morning that I want to do a drip irrigation in the backyard for next year. I still need to research that since our garden is pretty far from our faucet out back. Who waters your community plots? How does that work? And do you pay an annual fee? Sorry for all the questions. I'm so fascinated by this! I lived in Brooklyn for 6 years, before moving to Staten Island and never knew this existed!

  2. Meemsny, post coming on irrigation! We do pay 50 buck a year. We water our plots, most with overhead with hoses.

  3. i am considering a rain barrel (to be filled by a hose during drought) for drip irigation in my comm garden plot. but i dont' have any idea what i am doing. i look forward to your upcoming post(s)

  4. Drip is really easy- or at least I think so because I learned it on rooftops in Manhattan when I was 24. I didn't do that here, but plan to next year. When I do, didactic post to follow...

  5. So...what were you doing wrong - teacher? I think your plot looks magnificent, and am wondering what other plotters there think of it.

  6. Oh, that was an art teacher. I knew that was confusing. I was carving a woodblock 'incorrectly.'

    People are always offering unsolicited advice here! I let them know I'll be alright and they move on.

    Thanks though -I'm confident it will be good this year, better next!

  7. But so you know,

    "you know that soil needs compost"
    "you know your gonna need some 5-10-5"
    "you know people are gonna pick your stuff -better to put a fence up"
    "so late for you to be planting...."
    etc etc etc.

    Then they tell you who to look at for ideas on how to garden -usually some old guy on the other side. Ha! its a hoot.

  8. my favorite advice, on dealing with the inherited weed bed by covering it with large sheets of carboard, covered by compost (with square holes cut out to accomodate my tomato planters a al frank).

    " you went to a lot of trouble putting down cardboard. you should have just rototilled & hoed." oh right. much less work.

  9. Curious, were you ever successful in getting your free woodchips?

  10. Donna, its all work isn't it -best make the kind you want to do!

    Meems, no, haven't heard and I keep forgetting to call the others. Thanks for the reminder!


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