Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Overheard At The Beach Garden

Woman -"Eww, there's bugs on the plants"
Man -"Only New Yorkers worry about bugs"

A woman arrived, loudly complaining that they were taking her plot away from her. Making a big stink. Her plot was full of weeds. "I tried to garden. I was here in May."

Another man, with his family in tow, complained quite loudly that his tomaduz all had brown spots on the bottom. Why? Someone shouted out "fertilizer." Sounds like blossom end rot, so I asked him if he had been watering his tomaduz. "No, a wise man told me not to water." Not knowing said wise man was standing right next to me, I offered "there's your problem, listening to wise men." Old man punched me in the arm!

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  1. Heheheh.

    The times I wish I wrote everything down, as I walk to and fro.


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