Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beach Farm: Week 3

The tomatoes have greened up.

The eggplant has gotten taller.

The collards more full.

The cucumbers have sprouted.

Chard has been leafing out.

The broccoli is fine.

But the peppers could be better.

When I moved the studio from storage I found my old gardening bag. In it were these metal tags. I had an idea when I was in NM that I would tag my vegetables, writing in grease pencil the name and planting date. Kind of dorky, but then useful because I tend to forget these things. I tagged what I could remember this time around.

Something I learned in my first three weeks at a community garden: don't take things from derelict plots like the one above -even after the eviction date.

I took two of these concrete things for washing my feet of mud (water flows right through don't you know) at the entrance to my plot. Upon my return, they were gone -back at the other plot. I waited a week, figuring the person for still packing up, feeling a little foolish for thinking some one who never actually gardened a plot wouldn't be around for picking up some cheap concrete things. Well, I was wrong again. There I go figuring again, this time after another week, I went and dug out of the weeds another two of these pavers and placed them at the entrance to my plot. Yet, upon my return they were once again removed and put back at the other plot.

Lesson: do not take things from other people's plots -even if it looks like they are never, ever there and even if they have been evicted.


  1. your plants look happy! I am growing cucumbers and tomatoes in my south & west windows, and they are exploding with leaves, little flowers and tendrils! The tomatoes bear good fruit, but the cukes: only 20% of the fruits grow into cucumbers. The rest shrivel. I'm told to pollinate them myself with a paintbrush, and I'm armed and ready, but there are no male flowers! (now there are, but there were none for weeks!) I wonder if bees would be happy in my home?

  2. You have to leave a note. In a bottle. We need to know about the concrete things' owner!

  3. I guess I do have to leave a note. Maybe carved on a piece of the old timber on their old plot.

    Now I see today that there are new (?) owners. The plot is more cleaned out than before and those concrete pavers are still there. They put up a sign too, painted red with their names. Or is it the old tenant given a second chance??

    I haven't seen them yet.

  4. Your garden is looking good! I am so impressed with how large your eggplant plant is getting. Ours seems to be stopped in time. It hasn't grown much in weeks! Argh!


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