Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Mantis Chronicles

I've two resident mantises in the side garden this year. One above, the other below.

Here, it lay in wait for pray -the borage an excellent spot for flying treats.

Front legs wound up, they spring into action -grabbing a yellowjacket. But the bugger fights back with jaws or stinger and it happens to escape. I watch the mantis tend to the wound with its mouth.

A few minutes later I see that the yellowjacket's luck has run out. Mmm, exoskeleton.

And here's where it tore the head off, dropping it to the ground below.


  1. Is it wrong for me to think that was strangely beautiful? I think the mantis is one of the most amazing bugs. I always hope for a couple in our yard/garden but no such luck. Congratulations on your own pair.

  2. I know how useful they are but I've always found them pretty creepy, sentient creatures...Great pictures.

  3. Wow, you have two in your garden! Lucky you!


    MST3K did this one...

  5. Sentient as a roach -their cousins. I call em insect cats. Let me tell you though, they're not eating that much!

    Hels, yeah-it is wrong of you, but they are beautiful, sleek, and purposefully built! And those buggers the wasps stung me last year! Go getum tiger.

    I have a couple every year Meems. The two mate and leave an eggsac.

  6. mmm, exoskeleton...a man after my own heart!

  7. Frank,
    The MST3K episode is out there on Youtube should you need some cheap entertainment :).


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