Saturday, September 18, 2010

Morning Harvest

This is this mornings harvest. About 3 or 4 pounds of green and yellow beans, two heads of broccoli, several Hungarian wax peppers, a few cubanelle peppers (always forget what color to pick those when I'm at the garden), two habaneros, some small tomatoes (greens are for Betsy's green tomato pie), and two dumb ass cucumbers (they were simply put in too late).

The garden is starting to show signs of cooler, shorter, and what I must say is wetter, days.

This is affecting the tomatoes more than anything. These are supposed to be the generic beefsteaks, shaping up to be more like 6 oz. generic early girls. I did get all these for nothing, so who's complainin. Me? Nah. Next year -trellised tomatoes, select varieties.

Still have more eggplants, many more sweet and hot peppers, tomatoes, celery, and another crop of green beans to go. As soon as something stops producing, I will put in salad greens. Wondering if I should try some broccoli from seed? Why not?

I just went through my seed box. Hello spinach, snap peas, cilantro, parsley, asian green mix, mesclun mix, and radishes. I'll get that broccoli started today.


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