Friday, September 17, 2010

Two Tornadoes Confirmed and Much Ballyhoo

Okay, so I'm at least I can read the radar! The two tornadoes, one in Park Slope and one in Bayside/Flushing (was it one that just pulled up and then returned?) The screen shot I have showed the rotation in Queens, and I saw the very clear rotation in the radar shot of Park Slope.

But it is hard to imagine how there was straight line wind of 125 mph (estimated) in Middle Village/Forest Hills, yet a tornado just before it and after it, in the same path. I'd like to see the paths. The Park Sloper was rated EF0, the Bayside EF1.

The radar screen shot after the tornado passed through northern Queens. The green and brown concentrated next to eachother in this way reveals possible rotation. When I first saw the radar, this concentration was just west of Park Slope, but instead of green, it was a more intense blue.

The NWS weather publication is here.

This video was taken from two buildings away from my studio. If I was there, I'd have photos. But then, no internet and radar. I think this video shows the storm moving in really well from the south-southwest. I think the key to it is the sideways rain you can see through the window. That rain is being pulled into a rotation, I think, versus being pushed out as in a gust front or straight line wind. But then, what do I know, just a guessing amateur!


  1. Wow, that video is really cool! It was definitely the strangest storm I've ever experienced!

  2. i loved your commentaries! this was great, i could almost feel the force & pressure. Yes, that was a strange two days!


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