Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Two Sundays back the weather was perfect, we headed to the beach farm, and then to the beach. No one was out there, probably all stuck in traffic driving north for the colors. I've always loved the beach off season, not being much of a swimmer, but for the air, the rhythm, and all those objects softened by the sand and surf.

The jellyfish, neither jelly nor fish.

More like ice.


Wishing I could eat it, imagining it like a gummy bear or sea-flavored candy fruit.

Over the dunes

 Seaside Goldenrod and Northern Bayberry, Myrica pensylvanica.

Their waxy, spicy fruit are really abundant this year.


  1. Oh! HUGE pictures! I'm trying to do the same, but think your template is better suited for it, being symmetrical. Looks wonderful.

  2. Thanks, bigger pictures.

    Yeah, I've been waiting for google to update the toolbar on the new system and finally they did. Still has quirks, but I like putting in the original size photos.

    Funny, now you can auto template to the three column that I hacked last year, but it won't center the title or footer. Clunky. I stick with mine.

  3. Yeah - Vince html'd the title centre for me...

    I came back to look at these jelly pictures :-)


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