Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stunned By Objects

Visually, that is.

I was aware of the precariously leaning, dry-rotted electricity poles and the various attempts to stave off replacing them. But now that they have finally cut (or chewed) them down, the remaining object stopped me in my tracks.

Not stunned by horseshoe crabs since childhood, but this freshly dead crab had barnacles stuck to its rear.

Beautiful burgundy jellyfish.

Stopped in my tracks by this yellow-green leafed, red-stemmed plant. What is it?


  1. When we were little, we vacationed often at the Jersey shore. I remember us combing the beach looking for horseshoe crab remnants. Brings me back.

  2. Not a lot of detail in the pic, but the unidentified plant could be Euphorbia corollata. Milky-white sap would be a giveaway. It's a really decorative plant, but probably spreads too fast for most gardens. KM

  3. looks a bit like a douglas spirea

  4. The stems are now reddened, and I didn't notice any flowers or seeds. The leaf shape of Euphorbia is right, also the growing situation (roadsides, dry). This specimen would have to be a mass of individual plants then. hmmm.

    The coloration is spiraea-like, but the leaves are smooth edged and lanceolate.


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