Thursday, October 28, 2010


We've all seen this subway ad. I don't disagree with the general message, but something irks me every time I see it. I want the copy to read "ours" instead of "yours." The yours is so accusatory -It's your garbage so why are you asking us to pick it up. I'd rather the ad was inclusive, suggesting that we all ride the subway (including MTA higher-ups), so that it reads:

"Our city. Our subway. Our station. Our Litter."

Let's own it when we read it. When accused like that, I naturally recoil to say this dirty rat hole ain't mine.


  1. You're right. Your does sound too finger pointing. I read another ad on the subway platform that said the MTA separates the garbage collected and recycles the paper, cans, bottles, etc. Somehow I find it hard to comprehend. For a city that hardly puts out recycling blue bins in the public, they have a transit system that separates their garbage? Wow.

  2. "Ours" is definitely better than "yours." Ours implies accepting accountability. Yours sounds like someone is pointing fingers and assigning blame. It's a positive message delivered with a negative tone. If the MTA's goal was to generate ambivalence in the viewer they've hit the mark.

  3. I'm glad you agree. Together, we can make our subway a better place.


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