Friday, October 29, 2010

Why Painters Paint

This is one painting -in two parts. The first part, the bottom, I have been working on for ever. In contemporary terms, that's about 8 months. I decided to add more sky to the painting, because that's really what it's about for me. I chronicled making the additional panel a couple of weeks back. When I put the two together to see if I got the proper fit, I liked the effect of the blue and rose together. But, that was not the plan. So today, I put on the first of several layers of paint.

These are the fun days. Loose, gestural, loads of color.

There is an abstractionist in me that most cannot see in my finished paintings.

The finished blue layer. Ruined you might think, so perfect before.

Yet those hints of rose peek through.

On the other wall, these two paintings I have nearly finished. Enough to put them aside.


  1. I must have missed something along the way or I came to your blog afterward you had posted about doing this (via Marie's as all the cool blogs hang out there), but what wonderful paintings, Frank. I had no idea!


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