Friday, November 5, 2010

Beach Farm: Week 13

Snap peas in the raking light of late afternoon.

Hot peppers, still ripening on the plant.

This last broccoli, in its netting, looking to me, rather foolishly, like Goya's 'Third of May.'

The netting worked to keep the cabbage worms out -you can see one here. Yet it did little for the white flies and aphids, bundled up in the flower buds. I snacked on the super sweet stems, the rest too bugged to even consider.

The new broccoli, which I haven't covered yet. 

The arugula.

Mixed greens, poorly seeded.

And the collards, still going strong, still uneaten.

I also harvested some eggplant, little and probably full of seeds, but a surprise. Also, the remaining tomatoes, and then pulled the plants, and weeded. From here, it's all come what may.


  1. What kind of hot peppers are you growing? They look similar to the habaneros that we are growing. Your plants are doing so well.

  2. These are habaneros, and mixed in are something called caribbean hot peppers. They did extraordinarily well, given the July 20 plant date.


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