Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cat On A Cold Frame Roof

The side yard, with the poor man's patio, and the pots and the unplanted perennials.

The alyssum bounded back. It's common, and I like it.

Basil is still going strong. I've managed a clip schedule that has kept the basil green and healthy.

I thought this was a picture of the Aconitum, Monkshood, but it isn't. It's part of the zoo.

If you didn't see him before, you will in this enlargement.

But this one was easy to spot.

And again over here.

When I was out taking some pictures, trying to clean up the side yard a little, there were three gray cats hanging out -all related. The third was with the other, on the cold frame lid behind the grass. The cats jump on the cold frame and the polycarbonate lid caved in. Drats cats. Enough of you! You may notice the clipped right side ear. Some in the hood have been working on fixing the cats, and we understand it is a long haul project. It's tougher because these greys are so human friendly, sometimes they follow their feeder around the block.

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