Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Front Yard Finale

The front garden as it now stands.

I'm curious about the chrysanthemums that are darker in the shade. Those to the right are in sun, those to the left get much less sun because they are behind the rose.

The pink gaura is blooming again, one here, one there.

It's a long wait for the pineapple sage, Salvia elegans. First bloom the last week of October.

These asters are having their moment.

Hidden within the blast is another type of aster.

The bees love these.

The butterflyweed, Asclepias tuberosa, is finally sending off it's seeds like so many baby spiders.

Boltonia, another aster really, is the last to bloom. Just this week it has begun, one by one.

The Aster 'alma potschke' is wrapping up its season, along with the Eupatorium. Much like me, who's thinking about forgetting the garden for awhile. I think I'm ready for winter. Bring it on.


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