Monday, November 15, 2010

Cannot Find Seed Garlic...



  1. I know that planting cloves from store bought garlic is not proper, but it has worked for me. I was not aware that it might be inferior in any way.

  2. How much garlic are you looking for to plant? I bought these hardnecks from the family farm. I can check to see if they have any more to sell.

  3. More Raccoons than New Joysee? :-)

  4. Marie, I just needed something fun -plus I'm starting to think its true. My friend just batted one off his deck in Williamsburg.

    On the garlic front, I have planted store garlic before and will do If I must. I just thought it would be fun to try some other varieties. But to the rural farmers growing these things, I'm awfully late to the game. And I don't have 30 bucks for some that one website was offering.

    Meems, I'll buy some from the family farm -not too many, maybe enough to fill 16 square feet. If I do my calculations right, that's about 48 cloves. I have little space. Shoot me an email if we can set something up.

  5. Try these guys out... I got garlic from them last year and it was grat


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