Monday, December 6, 2010

Beach Farm: Week 18

The snap peas are flowering well now. A decision must be made. 

 I pulled most of the radishes.

The broccoli has been doing well, but there simply isn't enough energy in this low sun to have grown them for harvesting before a serious freeze. I also haven't brought more plastic to fully tent these. Ah, I suppose I'm giving up. Good luck broccoli.

I harvested most of the asian greens and arugula. This is what I left. I started snipping, but then just went with all out pulling.

 The bundle of greens.

 Recent heavy rains made lots of splash up and the wet soil stuck well to the growing roots.

 A bit of buttock.

 On my way to the compost, I spotted this in the field.

 The seed says nothing short of geranium.

This three bin system, instituted by our fearless NPS Ranger Thaddeus, will hardly work. All bins filled. Cannot turn the heap, cannot transfer into the next bin. A compost corral would be way better for the quantity of organic matter we're creating here.

On my way out, decision made. I chopped the snap peas for the greens. I will saute them in butter and garlic with pancetta and serve with pasta -better than waiting for 10 pea pods and then finding everything frozen on my next visit.


  1. Oooh, I had no idea you could eat snap pea greens. I have snow peas growing out back, maybe I should just eat the greens! The radishes and other greens look awesome. I just pulled most of my radishes too. Hardly anything left of our garden.

  2. They can be tough. But the Mung of Minneapolis sell them at the farmer's market -this is where I learned to eat them. I think spring greens may be more tender!

  3. I love pea shoots! I also had the same problem with the limits of a three bin compost pile. I gave up and have a rather untidy arrangement, but it does give room for a rotation. I hope you'll help me celebrate my Blogoversary - I'm giving away a cookbook - root vegetables. You look like a good cook.

  4. Argh, thst geranaium thingy is killing me. It grows on Union Street at Bond and I have written about it. Fat lot of good that did!

  5. Stink Bob?

    Now we're talkin.

    It's close, right.

    Shoulda crushed it and whiffed.


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