Friday, January 21, 2011

Night Snow

The view out my bed's window, just after rising. 

This was the kind of snow I like. Wake up to it. Soft, hushing, blue skied. No wind just yet, snow clinging to everything just where it had settled. It can even make my neighborhood look like a postcard wonderland, for the first hour or so, at least. Had I not needed to shuffle off to work, I'd a been in Prospect, camera in hand.

It's going to get colder soon, if it hasn't already (I've been indoors, windowless). Secondary cold front coming through bringing temps into the teens, maybe lower, for our lows. And wind, there'll be wind.


  1. Yes, it is beautiful before boots and tyres turn it to slush!

    And it's just started to snow again 4pm, over here in Brooklyn.

  2. I'm actually pretty tired of this snow already. Just when I thought it was beginning to melt!

  3. I don't see a problem with that;)


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